Event rooms

On a usable area of about 59,200 sq ft (5,500 sqm) Benediktushof offers 12 seminar and group rooms for courses and seminars (last updated 2020).

The meditation rooms are equipped with mats, meditation cushions, and meditation benches. For seminar and convention work there is modern audio-visual sound and presentation technology in place.

The rooms are mostly used by courses that Benediktushof themselves offers, but they can also be rented by external groups, as long as they are willing to respect the house as a place of silence.

Rooms in the Western wing


The great hall (Zendo) is about 2,580 sq ft (240 sqm) and encloses parts of the former cloister. The Romanesque capitals from the beginning of the 12th century are worth seeing. Zendo is used for both Zen and contemplation courses, as well as for further education of all kinds and conventions with up to 150 people present. The room is equipped with an amplifier system and a projector, that is integrated into the ceiling of the room.


Room 601, which is about 645 sq ft (60 sqm), is mostly used for our open meditation, as well as available as a meditation room for our long- and short-term guests.

603 – library

Our library with its historical parquet is available as a reading room to all our guests, but can also be used as a workshop or talking room for smaller groups.


This room, which is about 700 sq ft (65 sqm) is meant to be used for all different kinds of seminars and can be equipped accordingly.


This small room for groups, which is about 320 sq ft (30 sqm) is meant to be used for small workshops and individual talks.

Rooms in the prelate building


This room, which is about 700 sq ft (65 sqm) is often used for music or art courses.


This room in the attic, which is about 645 sq ft (60 sqm) is well liked by smaller meditation groups.

Rooms in the former forester’s lodge

Vaulted hall

This hall, with about 1600 sq ft (150 sqm) used to be the basement where potatoes were stored in the monastery. With a lot of work involved it was rehabilitated so that it can be used as a versatile seminar room today. This is also where concerts are taking place, as well as our regular “celebrations of life” (“Feiern des Lebens”) worships.

Rooms in the Eastern wing


With about 2045 sq ft (190 sqm) this is our second largest seminar room. It is used mostly for bigger Zen and contemplation courses.


This well-lit room with its 1230 sq ft (115 sqm) is well suited for all kinds of courses.


This large room – about 1560 sq ft (145 sqm) – with its four pillars can be used as is needed, whether that is as a meditation room or for other purposes.


Room 900, also known as little Zendo – about 900 sq ft (85 sqm) – is mostly used for smaller meditation courses of different traditions.


Our small chapel was built in 2013. It is made of concrete, which contrasts the radiant light, that falls into the chapel through the stained glass window (themed “resurrection”). The interior furnishing is simple and is meant to let the guests focus on their inner silence. Next to an icon of St. Benedict and an old Russian Christ icon a small altar is noticeable, that was built from baroque stone frieze. The chapel is available to our guests for personal worships, as well as small rituals such as baptisms, blessing or weddings.

“Direct your attention towards yourself; where you find yourself, let go; that is the very best.”

Meister Eckhart