Our Function Rooms

Benediktushof has twelve seminar and group rooms in a usable area of around 5,500 square meters for its course and seminar offerings. The rooms are equipped with modern audiovisual seminar and conference  technology. Mats, cushions and meditation benches are available for meditation courses.

The rooms are primarily reserved for planned seminars, but can also be rented by external groups. Important to notice as prerequisite is that everybody engages in the house’s rules as a place of silence.

Rooms in the West Wing


The spacious Zendo hall, covering 240 square meters and featuring Romanesque capitals from the early 12th century, is an impressive venue. It is utilized for Zen and contemplation courses, as well as for various forms of further education and conferences, accommodating up to 150 people. The hall is equipped with a sound system and a ceiling-integrated projector, making it an ideal space for hosting professional events.


Room 601, spanning 60 square meters, is primarily used for the open meditation program, where participants can engage in daily silent sitting. It also serves as a meditation room for short and long-term guests.

603 – library

Our library, featuring historic parquet flooring, is available to our guests as a reading room. Additionally, it can be utilized as a workshop or discussion space for small groups.


This 65 square meter space is suitable for a variety of seminar types and can be arranged according to specific needs.


The small group room, measuring 30 square meters, is available for workshops with a limited number of attendees and for conversations.

Rooms in the former abbots home building


This 65 square meter space is frequently utilized for music and art courses.


The attic room, measuring 60 square meters, is popular among smaller meditation groups.

Rooms in the former forester’s lodge

Vaulted hall

This 150 square meter hall was formerly the potato cellar of the monastery, but has been meticulously restored and now serves as a large seminar room for various courses. It is also used for concerts and our regular celebratory „Feasts of Life“.

Rooms in the East Wing


The second largest seminar room at the Benediktushof, measuring 190 square meters, is mainly intended for larger Zen and contemplation courses.


Filled with natural light, this 115 square meter room is suitable for a wide range of courses.


This large room, spanning 145 square meters and featuring four pillars, can be arranged for meditation or other purposes as needed.


Room 900, also known as the small Zendo, with an area of 85 square meters, is primarily used for small meditation courses from different traditions.


Our small chapel, constructed in 2013 in the form of a tall rectangular concrete block, features gray walls that contrast with the radiant light streaming in through the large glass window depicting the theme of „Resurrection“. The furnishings are simple and not distracting, intended to guide visitors into a state of stillness. Alongside an icon of St. Benedict and an old Russian Christ icon, the small altar is made of a Baroque stone frieze. The chapel is available to our guests for personal devotions and for small rituals such as baptisms, blessings, and even weddings.

„Direct your attention towards yourself; where you find yourself, let go; that is the very best.“

Meister Eckhart