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General information

The time of your stay can be individually discussed and depends on the availability of our rooms.

A shortterm stay is up to five days and possible from Sunday to Friday. It includes participation in daily meditation and one hour of participatory work per day. An introductory course in Zen or Contemplation is required. The usual prices for accommodation and food apply.

A longterm residency ranges from two to four weeks and offers the opportunity to practice mindfulness intensely at Benediktushof. The participatory work encompasses five hours of work per day (including on Sundays), which will be assigned. Arrival and departure are only possible on Sundays.


The requirement for a residency are: a stable mental and physical condition; the previous participation of either an introductory course in Zen or contemplation; at least one visit of a Sesshin or a Contemplation course with an authorized teacher at Benediktushof. You will be a integral part of our community and internal meditation group, with which you will meditate three times a day.


A spiritual teacher will be there as your contact person for the duration of your entire stay at Benediktushof. Besides individual talks with spiritual teachers you will also be able to attend lectures, that take place during your stay.


The price for accommodation and food are € 23.00 per day, if you work for five hours a day.

Young people can apply for a funding up tp 50% at the foundation West-Östlichen Weisheit – Willigis Jäger Stiftung.

Further information:
Andrea Hetkamp
Phone: 0 93 69-98 38-0


If you have to cancel your stay we charge you with a cancellation fee of € 25.00, no matter the reason of your cancellation. Should you cancel your longterm stay spontaneously – 14 days or fewer before your stay – the cancellation fee is € 50.00.

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