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The management team
The executive office of Benediktushof GmbH is taken by Gerhard Bader.

The Zen-master Alexander Poraj, the graduate theologian Irene Schneider as well as the contemplation teacher Daniel Rothe make up the spiritual board of Benediktushof:

Spiritual board

Irene Schneider, born in 1964, is a graduate theologian and Gestalt therapist and has many years of professional experience in various areas of pastoral care, personal development and spiritual support. She also works as a seminar leader and consultant. Mindfulness practice and systemic constellation work support her work. For many years she has been following the path of Christian spirituality and contemplative prayer. She is member of the spiritual board of the Benediktushof.

Dr. Alexander Poraj, born in 1964, studied Catholic theology in Freiburg and Granada (Spain), with a focus on religious sciences, where he received his doctorate with the topic: “Der Begriff der Ich-Struktur in der Mystik Meister Eckehart und im Zen-Buddhismus” (The concept of ego structure in the mysticism of Meister Eckehart and in Zen Buddhism). Alexander Poraj worked among other things as managing director of the psychosomatic specialized hospital acute clinic group Oberbergkliniken GmbH and founded the Academy of Psychology in Spain, where he accompanies people and groups on their spiritual journey. He is divorced and a father of two daughters. Alexander Poraj is a Zen-master of the Zen-line ‘Leere Wolke’ and a teacher of contemplation appointed by Willigis Jäger. He is a member of the spiritual board of Benediktushof and a member of the board of the ‘West-eastern wisdom – Willigis Jäger foundation’.

Publications of Alexander Poraj
Courses with Alexander Poraj

Daniel Rothe, graduate theologian, research assistant at the Chair of Philosophy and Science of Religion at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, member of the spiritual board of the contemplation line of the ‘Wolke des Nichtwissens’ (Willigis Jäger), the spiritual board of  Benediktushof and the board of the ‘West-eastern wisdom – Willigis Jäger foundation’.

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Managing director

Gerhard Bader, born in 1971, studied industrial engineering in Karlsruhe. He holds a degree in business engineering, has held various management positions and is a partner at Deloitte in the human capital consultancy. He has been managing director of Benediktushof GmbH since 2021. Gerhard Bader has been following the path of contemplation for many years.

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„Those who can not love others is unable to lead them.“

Karlheinz Binder

Organisation of Benediktushof

It is the purpose of Benediktushof GmbH to build and uphold a legal and organizational framework, as well as economic basis for what Benediktushof aspires to be and to share: a center for meditation, in which people find answers to their questions. This goal has always been the center of attention. The GmbH is, as it were, the background to the actual essence of Benediktushof. It should be a guarantor for the fact that such a great project as Benediktushof can exist permanently and grow further.

In February 2003 the Benediktushof Seminar- und Tagungszentrum GmbH (Benediktushof GmbH for short) was founded. The GmbH has since run the Benediktushof as center for meditation and mindfulness and is the organizer of all courses, seminars, and conferences.

The GmbH has two shareholders: Mrs. Gertraud Gruber, Rottach-Egern who at the same time is the owner of the properties and buildings, that she rents for a fair price to Benediktushof and the ‘West-Östliche Weisheit Willigis Jäger Stiftung’. Managing director of Benediktushof GmbH is Gerhard Bader.

Alongside rent for the entire property and acquisition costs for interior furnishing, Benediktushof must also bear all other expenses associated with the operation of the seminar and conference center, including the personnel costs for the employees working at the Benediktushof.

The GmbH is financed solely through revenues of accommodation, food, bookshop, and farm store, as well as retention of course fees that the course leaders pay for spatial use and the organizational work that Benediktushof takes on. The income generated in a financial year is not distributed to the partners, but remains in the company to form reserves. These are needed for repairs and maintenance and for necessary future investments.

The Beirat of Benediktushof GmbH (advisory board), which is in existence since 2004, defines the framework for the operation of Benediktushof. It advises and supports the management in all important matters. The advisory board is composed of one representative each of the shareholders and two more members. Part of the advisory board are: on the part of Gertraud Gruber: Irene Bopp and on the part of Willigis Jäger Stiftung: Paul J. Kohtes. The Zen-Master Doris Zölls and the graduate economic Dirk Ahlhaus are also members of the advisory board.