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Nepal children’s school project

We’re currently supporting the Nepal children’s school project

Achieving a lot with small gestures. That has been the motto with which Benediktushof has supported the Nepal children’s school project – a future for children – registered association since 2006. The organization is managed by Astrid Vöhringer and many voluntary helpers, as well as benefactors from both Nepal and Germany.

The goal of the Nepal children’s school project is to help Nepal in its sustainable development, that is advanced by governmental institutions, local communities and people of the South-Asian country. They could use the ideas and initiatives of the Nepal children’s school project to start projects with the principle “helping people help themselves”.

Today the organization supports two governmental schools in Dadhikot, district Bhaktapur, with adjoined kindergarten, a school library, and a health post, as well as a large educational project in Humla, which is in the northwestern region of Nepal. The construction of a nature reserve and the support of cultures and traditions of the Kathmandu valley are also being supported.

Regular donations, that we attain through book flea markets and the event “Zen and contemplation Saturday”, are transferred to the Nepal project monthly.

We can whole heartedly recommend the Nepal children’s school project – a future for children registered association, if you are looking for a place to direct your support.

The project coordinator Astrid Vöhringer makes sure that every single donation is actually directed where it is most needed.

Further information and news about the development of the project can be found at (redirects to a German website) or can be personally answered by  Astrid Vöhringer, you can contact her at: