Hygiene concept for the courses

(last updated 27th July 2020)


All staff are obligated to wear a mask in all public spaces and when interacting with guests. The safety distance of 1.5m is to be kept and usual hygienic measures (washing and disinfecting hands regularly, sneezing into the arm, etc.) abided by.

Workspace and working appliances should be used by only one person, if possible. If this is not possible, the place or tool in question should be cleaned, followed by hand washing. One-way gloves and other protective equipment are supplied.

All kitchen workers are wearing a mask during their work in the kitchen, if the 1,5m safety distance can not be kept. While giving out food the kitchen staff will also be wearing a mask.

If symptoms of illness (high temperature, breathlessness, feeling ill, etc.) should arise a superior is to be notified right away. The affected worker will not come to work until a medical professional is consulted and the work place will be left immediately. It is to be determined who worked with the affected person and they will also be tested for COVID-19.

All staff will be educated about the hygienic safety measures and urged to comply.

Guests and course participants

Guests are signing in through the form on our website, where all personal data is ascertained.

You will receive a booking confirmation by the course office, as well as a sheet of information with all the instructions on what to be aware of while staying at Benediktushof.

Should someone not behave according to the hygienic measures, they will be kindly reminded to do so.

Guests arriving by car will be able to park their vehicle in our parking lot.

On the way to the reception there is a first guidance telling guests that the safety distance of 1.5m should be kept on the entire premises (except by members of the same family or groups of people that are allowed by the current set of rules to have closer contact with one another) and a mask should be worn inside the house.

Should a guest fall ill or notice symptoms of COVID-19 before starting the trip to Benediktushof, they are not allowed to go on their trip. Should a guest fall ill or notice symptoms while staying at Benediktushof they should notify the course office as soon as possible. From there the local health authority will be notified.


When entering the building, guests are asked to use the installed hand-disinfectant.

There are marks on the ground of the reception area, that indicate the safety distance of 1.5m, that is to be kept by all guests. A sneeze guard is installed at the reception desk. The pens that are used are cleaned frequently. Payment can be done contactless via ec card or debit.

Your personal data is already available through the online form and may be passed to the local health authority, should an infection with COVID-19 exist, in order to determine the people that were in contact with the infected.

The documentation of personal data is kept privately, no third party can gain insight without having the legal need to do so. No unauthorized or illegitimate processing will be taking place. Personal data is kept safe from involuntary loss or involuntary impairment.  For the previously discussed case all data will be stored for up to one month.


People that are allowed to have close contact with one another can be accommodated in the same room. Shared bathrooms, that are cleaned daily and disinfected when necessary, can be used. The showers in the shared bathrooms are closed off by dividers, necessary ventilation is given. All guest rooms are ventilated after the guest’s departure. The cleaning is in accordance with the recommendations of RKI. Should a cleaning be necessary throughout the stay it will take place in the absence of the guest. Before a new guest arrives, the room is ventilated again.

The items in the rooms are reduced to the minimum, should a guest be in need of an additional blanket (or anything of the sort), they are informed to bring these items themself. In individual cases the reception can be of help. Should they hand out a blanket or another item, they will take care of cleaning the item after the guest has departed and returned the item.

The courses begin with the guests making their beds. Freshly washed bedclothes are provided. Once their stay is over the guest will remove the bedclothes again and put them, as well as any used towels in the laundry room. The trash and glass will also be brought to the laundry room, where staff will take care of everything else.


On the stairs there are signs installed, that tell guests to keep the safety distance to other guests.


The meals take place in the dining facilities WEST, OST and Bistro Troand. Until the guests sit down, they are required to wear a mask. To prevent close contact there are “one-way streets” marked on the floor. In front of the dining halls there are hand disinfectant dispensers installed, which the guests are encouraged to use by a sign. There are also marks on the floor to remind the guests to keep the safety distance from one another. Every guest has a fixed place for meals. Bavarian restrictions require that a maximum of 10 people sit on one table, maybe also people from a different course. By deciding to take the trip to Benediktushof, you are agreeing to this system.

The meals are presented buffet style, the guests are able to put together their individual plates. To do so they are required to wear single use gloves or washable cotton gloves, both of which are provided at the buffet. The safety distance rules and wearing a mask are compulsory. After the guest is done with their meal, they place their tray on the provided tray trolley. The cotton gloves are collected in a closed container and are cleaned properly before being used again.

Breakfast is available from 7:30 am-8:30 am, lunch from 12 pm-1 pm and dinner from 5:30 pm-6:30 pm- The kitchen staff put away and wash the dishes in the kitchen, clean the tables, and ventilate the dining halls

Work participation of guests

The work participation of course participants is starting again, in accordance with the current hygienic safety measures. The guests are required to wear a mask to the briefing, depending on the work and work place the mask may be taken off while the work is being completed and the safety distance is kept and no close contact to other workers or guests is necessary. Guests are briefed on the hygienic measures and protective equipment is provided. Work tools are cleaned after use.


Guests are encouraged to use the restrooms that are closest to their room. Public restrooms are cleaned and disinfected if necessary. The safety distance measures apply. Some restroom cubicles or sinks may be blocked, to enforce the safety measures. Soap, disinfectant, and paper towels are controlled and refilled regularly.

Staff restrooms

are declared and distinguished. Cleaning is taking place according to cleaning schedule. Safety distance measures apply (see above).

Changing rooms for staff

Kitchen staff can change in room 602, housekeeping can change in the office and the utility room. Should neither suffice the staff room will be made available. Work and safety clothes are to be kept divided from personal clothes.


The courses are taking place in accordance with Bavarian regulations. The number of participants is limited to fit the available space and the necessity of safety distance being kept. Until the guest reaches their designated place in the course room, they are to wear their mask.

Course rooms

The needed materials are placed inside the course rooms in accordance with safety distance regulations. The used material will be ventilated properly and cleaned if needed.

Guests are asked to cover seating matts or pillows with blanket or towel they brought themselves. While the seminar is taking place the course leader is responsible for proper ventilation and is grateful for the guest’s assistance.

Outdoor facilities

Guests may move freely on the spacious outside facilities of Benediktushof. We recommend wearing a mask while doing so, however it is not compulsory while outside.

Bookstore and farm shop

The bookstore and farm shop are opened to adapted business hours. The allowed number of customers is adjusted to current Bavarian regulations. Next to the entrance a disinfectant dispenser is installed, which guests and visitors are urged to use. Staff and customers are asked to wear a mask. The checkout area is further protected through the installed sneeze guard. Workers that work behind that sneeze guard are allowed to take off their mask. Cleaning is taking place daily in accordance with the cleaning schedule.


Cleaning and disinfecting work is taking place according to the respective plans.

A plan for regular ventilation is being devised. The implementation of this work is documented. Staff is regularly updated on the current regulations. The washing of the house’s laundry is conducted in accordance with the current hygienic regulations. The flat linen is washed in industrial laundry.


Staff is regularly updated on the current regulations. The dining rooms are cleaned by housekeeping in accordance with the cleaning schedule, the cleaning of contact surfaces, tables, dividers, and food service is performed by kitchen staff after every meal. The dining rooms are ventilated regularly. While handing out food, the kitchen staff is wearing a mask, in the kitchen they only do so if the safety distance can not be kept.

Access control of externals

The coming and going of suppliers, customer service, contractors, and other firms are documented. The people in question are informed about the current hygienic measures.

Holzkirchen, July 2020

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