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Benediktushof is offering different room categories. All rooms are kept minimalist. Single and double rooms have their own shower and restrooms. Multi-person rooms share bathrooms and showers. Three rooms for people with disabilities are available. An accessible entrance to the reception is installed.

On the day of your arrival you can move into your room from 3 pm-5:50 pm. If it does not say differently on your registration confirmation, your course starts with dinner at 5:50 pm and ends at 1 pm with lunch and a subsequent gathering with coffee, tea, and cake.


Our certified organic vegetarian-vegan kitchen (DE-ÖKO-006)  is devoted to the spirit of Benediktushof. Every meal is a chance to put mindfulness to action; each meal is held in silence, at the same time of day, so that we can support our guests with routine and pleasant, aware treatment

We begin each meal with a shared ritual and eat in silence.

The food we serve is fresh and predominately made by hand. The products we use are grown organically and are seasonal and regional. At Benediktushof and its kitchen we treat nourishment responsibly and serve satisfactory food without meat.

In cooking with clarity, straightforwardness, and creativity our kitchen gives the meals a noticeably unique profile. For further information on our recipes and recreating the meals you enjoyed at Benediktushof at home you can find inspiration in our cookbook  “Wie Zen schmeckt” or “Meisterliche Zen-Rezepte”.

We can prepare gluten-free, lactoprotein-free, and vegan food on demand. Any other wishes or intolerance can also be accommodated if an advance announcement and an added surcharge of € 5,00 per day are provided.

Our providers are primarily regional, you can download a list here.

Prices for accommodation with full board 2021

valid after 1st January 2021
prices per day, include statutory added value tax


up until four nights five overnight stays and more
single room with shower and bathroom
€ 81,00 € 78,00
double room
(you will share the room with another course member)
€ 68,00 € 65,00
multi-person room (4-8 people) with shared showers and bathrooms
€ 49,00 € 46,00
dormitory with mattresses and shared showers and bathrooms
€ 46,00 € 43,00